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End Point Compliance

OpenNAC Enterprise End-Point Compliance enables minimum requirements for connection to a corporate network to be established and assessed.

Now you can use software and hardware components as criteria for allowing access to the corporate network. You can establish connection requirements for the company network such as the operating system, patches, antivirus, or antispyware, etc. through an agent (dissolvable or permanent).

Main feautures

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Enforced minimum security requirements

Establishes the security requirements for accessing a company’s network infrastructure.

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Automatic compliance checks

Alignment with company policy is verified with End-Point Compliance.

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Solutions immediately applied

Problems are resolved immediately, automatically, and continuously through isolation and remediation.

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Demonstrated auditing and response capability

The effectiveness of security controls and compliance with regulations and policies can be measured and verified.



Define the minimum network security requirements (security posture) for user devices to establish whether an agent is necessary.


Choose the action to take after evaluating the connection requirements (isolate, deny access, etc.)


Review compliance status in real time through information dashboards.

Case use


Camila is the head of digital marketing at a multinational car manufacturer and distributor, operating in more than 100 countries around the world. This morning she received an email from a ‘known’ sender.


Camila opened the email, which immediately enabled ransomware to spread across all computers running Windows. The malicious code encrypts and blocks access to files, then demands payment in order to release them.


IT managers have received numerous reports and must act quickly. This is a known event and they are not the only company affected, Microsoft is already aware of the case thanks to incidents reported by clients with Windows OS.


Microsoft has released the corresponding patch for Windows OS. IT managers at Camila’s company have deployed the patch and generated an access policy through OpenNAC Enterprise to isolate devices without the patch installed.


The compliance policy implemented in order to contain the spread of ransomware has been successful, the impact of the threat has been curtailed and the affected files are already being recovered. OpenNAC Enterprise and the IT team resolved the incident in record time.

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