Network Virtualization Platform

Centralizing to Simplify



Viapps is a cloud solution for network infrastructure services integration and automation. Viapps platform key advantage is the capability to substitute traditional devices (servers, hardware, etc.), which host infrastructure services, with a software solution, severely reducing costs.


01 Challenges of a Changing Environment

  • HETEROGENEUS SOLUTIONS: Inefficient operation, management and reporting
  • RIGID SYSTEMS: Closed, monolithic or no scalable systems
  • COMPLEXITY OF THE SERVICES: Complex deployment, management and monitoring
  • SECURITY: Mix of complex and non cooperative policies
  • HIGH COSTS: Limited adaptation to changes of customer resources and needs


02 Main Characteristics

  • Central Management Interface (CMI) to allow installation, configuration, update, management, monitor and audit of the network services: Firewall, DNS/DHCP/NTP Servers, HTTP Proxy, SMTP Gateway, IP Loadbalance, WAF and IDS/IPS.
  • Fast service deployment, within minutes, since there is no physical installation dependencies.
  • Compatible with all sort of virtualization and cloud environments.
  • Its Opensource nature and no dependance on third party devices make it a very competitive solution in terms of price.
  • It is the ideal solution for internet service providers thanks to its minimum investment and fast return.

Service Modules

  •   IP Load Balancer
  •   TCP/UDP protocol balancing support
  •   Layer 7 balancing support
  •   SSL Offload
  •   Compression
  •   Primary, Secondary and Forward DNSs Management and Diagnosys
  •   DHCP Failover Management
  •   NTP Management
  •   Statefull firewall
  •   High Availability
  •   QoS
  •   VPN ipsec
  •   Centralized Management
  •   Incoming & Outgoing mail Relay
  •   SSL/TLS
  •   Antivirus Filter
  •   High performance
  •   Direct and reverse Proxy
  •   SSL
  •   Cache Management
  •   URL category filtering
  •   AD Integration
  •   Application visibility and control
  •   IDS / IPS
  •   Highly Scalable
  •   File id, MD5 checksums and file extraction
  •   Login and access control monitoring in real time
  •   Virtual patch
  •   Full HTTP traffic record
  •   Security continous evaluation
  •   Robust web applications

Use Cases



  • LDAP Service: Balancing of LDAP servers farm for massive portal authentication. With check of real servers integrity
  • Web Servers with SSL Offload: Web server balancing with persistence with cookie and SSL encryption


  • Primary DNS Architecture Integrated with Active Directory: Viapps receives the dynamic zone updates based on the equipment registered in the domain
  • Secondary DNS Architecture and Resolvers: The customer has its legacy DNS infrastructure and Viapps provides all the Secondary DNS infrastructure and resolvers, in an integrated way


  • SMTP Servers Farm for mass mailing: Farm balanced for mass mailing with horizontal scalability


  • Secure Connection with QoS Management: Secure connection over IPsec tunnel with traffic filtering and QoS definition to limit the maximum bandwidth


  • Redounded HTTP Proxy output and high availability: Using Viapps balancers, two HTTP Proxy modules manage web requests using high availability with balancing at level 4 and Proxy Healthcheck.

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